SAL Commander: Share your fundraisers with other communities

By John Weiss

Hello, Minnesota Legion Family. I hope you all had a joyful holiday season and spent special time with family and friends.

As we transition into this new year, let’s remember that to be a truly outstanding organization, communication is a key ingredient to our success. After talking with many of you folks, a thought occurred to me.

I’ve heard of many different activities and fund-raising events, and I wondered why I hadn’t heard anything about these events until after they have happened. I know that you would like wider participation at these events and more people means a better fund-raising event.

John Weiss

I wondered why these events aren’t published on the many different calendars of the Minnesota Legion Family. I do receive some of the district newsletters from a few of the districts, and I would like to say that I would be happy to get them from any district that publishes a newsletter. I enjoy reading about the happenings of our Legion Family. I especially like seeing the many different events that are put on to support our veterans and their families.

And I will attend as many of the events that I am able to attend. It’s always good for all of us to support each other’s events and to participate together as a family. So please get those events on to one of those calendars so we can support your endeavors. I will also say that if your post, unit, squadron or ALR chapter is having an event that you would like me to attend, please feel free to contact me with an invitation.

We all have to remember that communication is the key to having a truly outstanding event and organization! The more people who know about your event, the better it will be.

Thank you all for the many good things that you do.

May the new year bring you peace and prosperity.

John Weiss of St Paul Arcade-Phalen Squadron 577 is the commander of the Detachment of Minnesota for the Sons of The American Legion. His theme is “Honoring the Past, While Moving Forward.”