President: We need veterans to help make poppies

By Sharon Cross

We are in great need of veterans who would like to earn a stipend by making our poppies. We have a shortage of helping hands and only a veteran can receive the stipend.

Contact the Auxiliary Department Office for information on signing up to be a veteran poppy maker. You do not need to be in a VA facility. You can make them at home while watching television.

Mugshot for Sharon Cross
Sharon Cross

The phone number for the Department Office is 651-224-7634. There is also a toll-free number if you only have a landline. It is 888-217-9598. Last year we needed to purchase thousands of poppies from other states to fill the need of poppy orders from units.

The Department of Minnesota Fall Conference is Oct. 27-28. Are you registered to attend? See the registration form on Page 3.

Do your members have questions about our programs? Get registered today and get your questions answered. Your department chairmen will be there presenting their expectations on each program and what it is about.

This is a great time for our seasoned members and new members to get together and get questions answered and your unit organized.

This is not a formal meeting but a school of instruction on our programs. Hear firsthand from the department chairmen about what’s new, what has changed and what has remained the same.

Bring a pad and paper so you can take some notes. There will be tri-fold presentations and power points for visuals. Feel free to snap pictures of the information if you prefer.

Thursday evening, there will be three short presentations beginning at 6:30 p.m. — one on membership, Girls State and Poppy.

I hope to see all our Legion Family represented. We will paint a wooden quilt block that evening. Get your registration in early as space is limited for the painting project.

Put on your dancing shoes and country attire for Friday evening after our day of learning. You will be introduced to our leadership, and we will have snacks and music to dance and enjoy each other’s company. We will finish up on Saturday. So come prepared, bring your listening ears and your inquisitive minds. Don’t forget your enthusiasm and of course your dancing shoes.

September sure was a busy month. Camporee at Legionville is always such an enjoyable time with fun and games and fellowship with our American Legion Family. Our first membership rally was held, and even though we do not see our dues notices until Sept. 15, we had a great membership turn-in by the Auxiliary members who know they do not need to wait for that piece of paper to arrive in the mail as a reminder that their dues are due.

Rushford Unit 94 had great turnout and hospitality for their meeting with 1st District officers and members from the neighboring Peterson Unit 526.

The 4th District arranged for leadership to take a bus ride donated by Bloomington Post 550 for a tour of four post in the district. Information was shared at each different post by their leadership on what they each do in their respective communities, and we shared learning information on each ride between posts.

The Rider Romp at Legionville was relaxing, and we held a meeting to discuss the upcoming rides and shared lots of information. There is more to attend, but I must get this article turned in.

So, keep up the good work everyone. Keep those invitations coming. I love traveling around to participate and visit with our members. Remember to bring in those new members, start that conversation and “Be the One to Dance Into The Hearts of Veterans.”

Sharon Cross of Bemidji Unit 14 is the president of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Minnesota. Her theme is “Be The One to Dance Into the Hearts of Veterans.”