People will see the good we do and want to join Legion Auxiliary

By By Jenny Nelson, Membership Chairman

How are your membership efforts coming along? We need every member to be a recruiter!

When we are seen involved in our communities working our programs, our membership grows. One key to a successful membership promotion is the amount of interest and buzz we can generate. The more people who see what we offer as an organization, the greater number of new members we will attract and retain.

Your best outfit is your smile. Wear it proudly and with goodwill in your heart. Share all the positive things that you love about our organization!

Now that we have gone to the Appreciation Rally on the Island of Palm Tree Oasis, we need to get more creative on the next part of our journey as we approach Volcano Island where we can really blow up our membership goals! We sure had a great turnout! Keep in mind that the memberships turned in at the rallies do count toward the rally count.

Have you been reaching out to your membership list and contacted those who have not renewed? How are your goals going? Is it a stretch or are you close? Do not be discouraged!

When we look at the numbers, it is easy to slow down. But the good news is, we can all call at least two members and check in with them!

Did you know that your dues do not help your post or unit financially, but it’s renewing your membership and your commitment to helping other veterans that make you a valued member!

Congratulations to 8th District for a fine job being in first place at 85.40 percent. The 6th District is close at 80.44 percent and the 1st District is at 79.90 percent. Oh boy, the competition is close!

Thank you for working hard! We can do this! Hold your head high and be proud of your fellow members. We can all be mentors if we try! See you soon! Find up-to-date numbers at