Minnesota Boys State is June 9-15; register now

By Neil Kruse
Neil Kruse

The 75th gathering of Minnesota American Legion Boys State will take place at St. John’s University in Collegeville June 9 through 15. There is still time for young men to register to take part in this event. Doing so at www.mnboysstate.org, they can find valuable information about the week ahead of them.

College scholarships can be earned as a result of participation in the program. Observing and becoming local, county and state governments, provide insight into the goings-on of Minnesota’s city councils, township boards, county boards and the legislative, executive and judicial branches in our state. Lobbying and campaigning for candidates are also explored. Discussion and compromise lead to life-long relationships with fellow Boys Staters.

Current government office holders at various levels serve as guest speakers. The boys are able to quiz them before they leave campus. Learning and practicing flag etiquette is another part of the full week of activities. During recreation time the guys can take part in kickball, basketball or volleyball, as well as having the opportunity to sing in the choir and write for this year’s newspaper.

Thank you for encouraging those in your area to join us for a week in June! I’m gratefull for all you do for veterans, as well as the development of our future office-holders.

Neil Kruse is a counselor for Minnesota American Legion Boys State.