Minnesota Boys State: Be thinking now for Boys State kids

By Neil Kruse

Enrollment at this past Minnesota Boys State was up from a year ago! We are grateful for that, and thank you for your efforts in recruitment. When I was a high school coach of various sports, I realized that the best recruiters were the kids themselves.

Some athletes came out because other coaches or I spoke with them, but the majority of the participants came because friends told them about the positives of being involved. I believe the same is true for our program.

Parades at summer celebrations and county fairs provide avenues for promoting the Boys State program. Help your recent attendees set up a booth at the celebrations, get a pickup, car or float in the parade, then hand out material to prospects and their parents.

Get next year’s juniors thinking about the awesome experience they can have at the 75th offering of American Legion Boys State. It’s OK to let them know attending will also open doors to scholarships! Resumes are enhanced with this added to the list of activities they’ve participated in.

Thank you for helping us develop civic-minded individuals in your communities!

Neil Kruse is a counselor for Minnesota American Legion Boys State.