Mail Call: Why not just go to 6 issues?

By Noel Allard

Sorry to hear that the Legionnaire newspaper is going to nine versus twelve issues per year. Since it is a budget issue, I recommend going a step further and just making it six issues per year — or bi-monthly. Many subscription magazines publish that way. Sadly, most people don’t read as much anymore and will be happy with a gap between issues.

Furthermore, I recommend a drive to solicit online subscribers. Again, that’s the way our society is going — online. I, for one would be happy to read the Legionnaire online. I am willing to start today. My e-mail is above!

It’s a shame to read through the paper at a single sitting and then throw it into the recycle. Wasteful.

Just a couple thoughts.


Noel Allard

Delano Post 377

Editor’s note: We have launched a new website to read the Legionnaire online. It is at Also, readers are welcome to send “voluntary subscriptions” of $35 to The Minnesota Legionnaire, 20 W. 12th St. Room 300A, St. Paul, MN 55437. We appreciate the donations we have received so far.