Mail Call: 1 TV station, 1 VSO covered Veterans Day on the Hill

By Dick Ward
Joe Johnston of KSTP interviews National Commander Dan Seehafer.

The annual Veterans Day on the Hill is a time for us to celebrate veterans issues in Minnesota. I was able to contribute my time on Tuesday, April 16, to help set up the conference at the St. Paul Armory with some 500-plus chairs for seating. Appointments at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center on the day of the event, Wednesday, April 17, did not allow me to attend.

I looked forward to the evening TV news, hoping to catch up on this large gathering of veterans:

I tuned in to Fox 9 News at 9 p.m. No mention of the event.

I tuned to KARE-11 at 10 p.m. No mention of the event.

On Tuesday morning, I scoured my Star-Tribune account online. No mention of the event.

A search of WCCO-TV found no mention the event.

However, KSTP Channel 5 did a great 2-minute segment on the event, and The American Legion Department of Minnesota’s Facebook page covered the entire event from the St. Paul Armory to the march to inside the Capitol Rotunda.

Thanks to reporter Joe Mazan at KSTP Channel 5 for highlighting our veterans. Thanks to Christopher Anderson of the Department Media & Communications Committee for providing full footage.

Dick Ward

University of Minnesota Post 548