Letter: Ghost War deserves era

By Brian K. Ray

To the writer of a letter about Cold War veterans in the June 2023 issue,

The eras are Cold War, Korean War, World War II, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Persian Gulf. It’s not my intent to leave out any era. They are all veterans of their own specific era.

I liked his description of a Ghost Generation idea, but I think ghost veterans from the Cold War is fitting.

As a Ghost War veteran who served during the Cold War, we deserve our era recognition to be separate. I am not as many others say a Korea or Vietnam vet.

The editor noted a resolution needs to be drawn up and presented for support of approval. That’s hogwash!

That’s another way to get lost in some political quagmire. It’s like toxic burnpits or Agent Orange or nuclear exposure illnesses. They are all generational-era veterans who endured and died. Why would any special resolution of each exposure have needed to be presented? All it has done is given politicians a self pat on the back for duplicating those by era.

Those are as wrong as having no recognition for Cold War veteran era. Sadly, recognition pins or patches also must be approved to wear. Again, hogwash. When other era veterans say we don’t deserve to wear any, it saddens me and others.

I am a proud Ghost War veteran deserving recognition for my 30-month tour away from family.

Brian K. Ray

Brainerd Post 255