Legionnaire Insurance Trust has raised nearly $4.6M for Minnesota

By Tim Engstrom

ST. PAUL — Legionnaire Insurance Trust has been good for the departments of The American Legion, raising $96,729,403 since its inception in 1965.

Of that, Minnesota has received among the most, at nearly $4.6 million. The distribution is based on how many Legionnaires sign up for LIT. It is the endorsed insurance program of the Department of Minnesota. Learn more about its supplemental health and accident plans at thelit.com.

Here are the top-12 departments ranked by LIT income:
1. Pennsylvania: $8,069,430
2. Florida: $6,133,627
3. Ohio: $5,916,424
4. Michigan: $4,602,722.
5. Minnesota: $4,591,084
6. California: $4,282,745
7. Indiana: $3,720,320
8. New Jersey: $3,542,296
9. Maryland: $3,249,791
10. Kansas: $3,154,935
11. Wisconsin: $3,099,373
12. Missouri: $2,729,950

This revenue source has helped offset the cost of the department headquarters and cover expenses like service officers, membership coordinators, financial officers and program coordinators, reducing the need to raise dues. It is a key reason why American Legion dues are far less than service clubs.