Chaplain: God has bestowed gifts upon all of us

By Dean Knutson

What an awesome God that we have. He bestows gifts upon us each and every moment of our lives and most of the time  we are unaware. God bestows us these gifts because of his unconditional love that he has for us. He does not ask for anything in return. That’s right. There are no strings attached. They are given freely.

Let us take a look at some of these gifts so we can get a better understanding of these great gifts.

Dean Knutson mugshot
Dean Knutson

Gift of the Holy Spirit. This is the gift that helps us to grasp the meanings of the truth of our religion.

Gift of Righteous. This is the gift of being in the right standing or place with God.

Gift of Eternal Life. This gift given to us through Jesus Christ our Lord. It is given to us through our faith by which we are saved.

Gift of Salvation. The gift is one we do not earn or deserve but is given freely to all who believe in him.

Other gifts we receive are The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom. The special capacity of judging human things according to God’s will.

Knowledge. The gift of knowing the true value of creation in relationship to our creator.

Counsel. This gift acts as a breath of fresh air in our conscious and helps us discern what is good and what makes us happy.

Fortitude. This gift allows us to courageously live out the life that God wants us to.

Understanding. This gift helps us to comprehend God’s word and deepen the truth that he teaches us.

Piety. This gift heals our hearts of all hardness and allows them to be in a tender relationship with God and with our brothers and sisters.

Fear of the Lord. This means having a mature spirit that is aware of our guilt and the weight of our sins. Do not be afraid of the Lord; trust in his mercy.

These are but a few of the great gifts we receive from our God on a daily basis. Let us not keep our God’s great love to ourselves, but let’s spread it to our families, brothers and sisters, communities and to all mankind.

In the words of President John Adams, “There is no such thing as human wisdom, all is the providence of God.”

In the month of November, we need to keep in mind these events in our thoughts and prayers.

All Saints Day: Nov. 1

Election Day: Nov. 7.

Veterans Day: Nov. 11.

American Education Week: Nov. 13-17.

Thanksgiving: Nov. 23

Black Friday: Nov. 24

Small Business Saturday: Nov. 25

Cyber Monday: Nov. 27

Giving Tuesday: Nov. 28

Dean Knutson of Ashby Post 357 is the chaplain for The American Legion Department of Minnesota.