Auxiliary President: Melrose, Minneapolis, Montevideo and Memorial Day

By Sharon Cross

Melrose American Legion Post 101 hosted my testimonial dinner in April. Thank you to my family and Legion Family that celebrated with us. It was wonderful to have everyone together to share this evening. Thank you to the Melrose American Legion Family for all your hard work. I appreciate how you all work together so well helping to make this night special.

Following my testimonial, NEC Jean Walker, Department Membership Chairman Jenny Nelson and I had the privilege of escorting National President Lisa Williamson on a tour of Minnesota. We had an incredible four days highlighting some of our veteran facilities.

Williamson was able to share her focus on the Spirit of Youth Scholarship and the Legion Family “Be the One” initiative.

This is a first for all three national leaders. National Commander Dan Seehafer, Sons of The American Legion National Commander J.R. Hall and Williamson to walk the same path together as they share the importance to Be the One to Save One.

Let us all continue to remove the stigmatism of not talking about suicide and share that it’s OK not to be OK. A: Ask the important question. Are you thinking of killing yourself? L: Listen to what they are saying. R: Reach out and get them help. You be the one to dial 988 and be their ears if they are not willing to make that call.

Be The One to Save One!

Mugshot for Sharon Cross
Sharon Cross

The Spirit of Youth Scholarship, which is available to our Juniors, is no longer one winner from each division. It has increased to one winner for each department. So instead of only seven scholarships, there will be 52! That is 46 more scholarships available to our Juniors supporting our Legion Family. If you would like to donate to this great scholarship opportunity for our Juniors, mail your donation into the American Legion Auxiliary Department Office and earmark it for the Spirit of Youth Scholarship.

Williamson had the opportunity to talk with veterans and families, visiting the Armed Forces Service Center, Minneapolis VA Medical Center, Brain Sciences Center, Minneapolis Fisher House, Minneapolis Veterans Home, the newest state veteran cemetery in Redwood Falls, both the Sauk Centre Eagles Healing Nest and the Redwood Falls Healing Nest, one of our newest veterans homes located in Montevideo and the Luverne Veterans Home, which is celebrating its 30-year anniversary this summer.

It is incredible that this is just a small portion of our facilities in Minnesota. We are so blessed. We were treated to amazing meals at our meal stops and even had an American Legion Riders escort from the Legion Post in Adrian to our destination at the Luverne Veterans Home.

Looking forward to some district conventions as my availability allows. Putting family first, I will be in Texas part of May for a granddaughter’s graduation.

Remembering and honoring past members, I attended a beautiful, heart-touching memorial service with the Nashwauk American Legion Auxiliary. Poppy distribution and Memorial Day are soon upon us and in June many of us will be busy volunteering at one of our premiere programs, Girls State. I have the privilege to be one of the volunteer counselors this year.

Mark your calendar and save the date to join us at the Department Convention at the Willmar Conference Center July 11,12 and 13.

Sharon Cross of Bemidji Unit 14 is the president of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Minnesota. Her theme is “Be The One to Dance Into the Hearts of Veterans.”