ALR Director: Minnesota donated $162,000 to Legacy Fund

By Jody Hassing


I had a great time at The American Legion National Convention, Camporee and the Romp.

Jody Hassing mugshot
Jody Hassing

On Tuesday, Aug. 29, representatives from the Minnesota American Legion Riders and the Minnesota American Legion Family went on stage and turned in $162,000 for the Legacy Scholarship Foundation.

While we did not turn-in the most money this year (Maryland turned in $211,000), the Minnesota American Legion Family turned in a total of $1.6 million since the inception of the Minnesota Legacy Run. We are the only state to turn in over $1 million in support of the Legacy Scholarship Fund.

Thank you for all the support the American Legion Family provided to the Legacy Run. This turn-in marks the completion of the mission handed down to the Legion Riders from National HQ.

A new mission has been given to the Riders; to raise funds for the National Veterans & Childrens Fund. The completion of the Legacy Scholarship mission offered the Minnesota Legion Riders the perfect opportunity to discuss and determine where the money we raise would be best used.

During the Riders Meeting, held during the Romp at Legionville on Sept. 16, the Minnesota Legion Riders voted to give the proceeds of the multiday run held in July to the Minnesota Veterans Assistance Fund 85. Our single-day run proceeds will be sent to national for the mission.

I know there are many other chapter runs and fundraisers happening across the state and throughout the year. Please invite me to your events so I can see all the good things you are doing!

The Riders will have a learning session at Fall Conference at 2 p.m. Oct. 28. Please join us in St. Cloud, the entire Legion Family is welcome to come learn more about your American Legion Riders.

God bless and keep the rubber side down

Jody Hassing of Bloomington Unit 550 is the director of the Minnesota American Legion Riders.