9th District commander’s October report

By Steve NaSalle

Hello, Roaring 9th District Family!

As we are beginning our new year, we have a few bumps in the road that need our attention.

First, if your post has not submitted your post reports (PSO or your CPR), please get them in ASAP! These forms are very important for your post’s welfare.

Mugshot for Steve NaSalle
Steve NaSalle

If you need assistance filling out these forms, please contact your district vice commander in your area, our district membership director or me. Our district officers are here to assist all of you, so please reach out to us if needed.

Second, if your post is participating or running an event in your area, please take photos or videos, along with the event information, the names of the individuals in the photos, and send them to our district vice commander at-large, Tim Haugen, or me, so we may post them on our Facebook site, or send them to the editor of The Minnesota Legionnaire.

Please continue to reach out to your local veterans for membership and to see how they are doing. Remember “mutual helpfulness” goes a long way. Please continue your Buddy Checks, especially for our older veterans to ensure they’re doing well. I can’t tell you how much our veterans appreciate your visit or assistance, especially during the holidays.

In addition, as your district commander, I have chosen the Fergus Falls Veterans Home as my fundraising project for the 2023-2024 year, so please help me raise the funds for their many projects.

Also, I have already begun my visits to our district posts and have been asked to speak at upcoming events throughout the year, so if you would like myself, or any of our officers to take part, or speak at your local post events, please let us know as soon as possible, so we may adjust our schedules for your event.

We have started out our 2023-2024 year with great enthusiasm and boots on the ground, so please help us assist you in your post goals as well. We are here for you!

Lastly, please keep our district updated by submitting any changes to your post rosters, so our district officers can reach the right person for updates and assistance.

In addition, sometime in November, our district will host (at least) two training events for MyLegion.org training and updates. The training will be held in our northern and southern areas of the district, so we may have maximum participation for all. Once I have the dates, times, and confirmed locations, your post will be notified by phone, email, and posted on the 9th District Facebook site.

This training is especially important, so please ensure your post has at least one representative for training. Thank you all for your help, and please keep up the splendid work. Our veterans deserve the best we can give.

“There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.” — Gen. James H. Doolittle