8th District commander’s October report

By Larry Pocrnich

Editor’s note: Past 8th District Commander Larry Pocrnich is filling in this month for 8th District Commander Jennifer Havlick.

Hello, fellow veterans.

Larry Pocrnich

I am writing this so you can find out what is going on in the 8th District. At the present time, the commander is on temporary leave in Colorado. The functions of the 8th still continue.

Keep up the work on volunteering and putting out the word on the work the Legion does. Membership is slow at this time, but I’m sure it will pick up soon. Our district meeting is to be held at Aurora Post 241 on Oct. 7. More to follow on that.

Other officers are needed for the district. If you are interested, call me at 218-969-2460 for more information. I am doing more with the Legion Riders and hometown veterans organizations in the Hibbing area for those who are wondering.

I still take calls on questions for the Super 8th District. Thank you for volunteering.