6th District commander’s October report

By Anthony Koop

Greetings and Salutations from the Big Sixth!

The National Convention was a wonderful time! I was able to meet many people and discuss many things while learning so much more than I ever expected. It was certainly an eye-opening experience, and I am looking forward to next year in New Orleans already!

Mugshot for Anthony Koop
Anthony Koop

I have been busy attending or planning for many functions including Camporee, the SAL Deer Hunt, the National Security Conference and open house and museum groundbreaking at Camp Ripley.

Our membership renewal in the 6th District is on the right path at 61.16 percent as of Sept. 13. Let’s keep up the good work and remember to search out those younger veterans and give them a purpose and a “why.” They are the future of our great organization and will be the key for our future.

The Harvest Rally was a great success. Our fish fry brought in over $2,000 in donations alone! If you haven’t been to Camporee or the Harvest really, I strongly encourage you to attend.

Fall Conference is right around the corner (Oct. 26-27), and I hope to see as many of our family there. There is so much information being presented at this meeting and plenty of experts that can help answer your questions and give you guidance on our programs.

I just got home from Camp Riley from the National Security Conference held Sept. 15-17. There was also the open house & the new museum groundbreaking held on Sept. 17.  The crowds were good, and the place was busy all throughout!