6th District commander’s August report

By Anthony Koop

What a wonderful department convention this year and congratulations to all the incoming 2023-2024 leadership!

Mugshot for Anthony Koop
Anthony Koop

It was great to reconnect with so many members across our great state and make many more friends. There was much to learn and we certainly kept busy.

My theme is “Better Together. Stronger Together,” which focuses on the importance of working together and building relationships between our veterans, the American Legion Family, and communities to strengthen our organization to better serve our mission.

My Commander’s Project is raising money for Legionville Educational Center & Summer Camp. Though Legionville is a department program, it is in our district, and we want to lead the way in supporting and utilizing it. I am hoping that all our Minnesota posts and units are sponsoring students to attend these summer camps.

I hope to see all of you at Legionville Camporee (Sept. 7-10) and Harvest Rally (Sept. 9)!

My membership challenge is recruiting two (or more!) new members from the Gulf War era to current. The American Legion as a whole needs to be recruiting, mentoring, and training those that will become the future leaders of our great organization. This, of course, does not mean we lose focus on other eligible veterans from ALL eras.

Membership is everyone’s job. Let’s get new members in by giving them a reason to join and just as importantly, a reason to stay. Find a position or committee that they may like and help them learn the way!