6th District commander’s January 2024 report

By Anthony Koop

Happy New Year’s from the Big Sixth!

Mugshot for Anthony Koop
Anthony Koop

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! This means we are in the second half of the year, so now it is time to get back in the saddle. We have many programs and awards over the next several months, so make sure you are checking into those and getting them in on time!

Membership is also on the mind. Most posts in the 6th District are doing well, as of last check, and some only need one or two members to make goal. Get out there and talk to these people. Explain that their membership is more than just collecting dues; it is our priority to push for our veterans and servicemembers, and we do that with “strength in numbers.”

When Congress turns to The American Legion to see what we have to say about a particular bill or subject, they look at our membership numbers and what we have been doing lately. (Consolidated Post Reports are the key here.)

Make sure your members also know that they are welcome to be part of your post activities and help find them a job, a place, a position they can assist with. You never know what a person is capable of and wants to do if you just asked.

We have the Sweetheart Rally coming up Feb. 3 at Forest Lake Post 225. I have been making plans to visit many posts as well with the weather being rather nice for getting around.

Let’s not forget about 6th District Mid-Winter Conference. It is at Aitkin Post 86 on Jan. 27. I hope to see ALL of you there and at least one member from each and every 6th District post so you are represented.