5th District commander’s December 2023 report

By Dick Ward

As we close 2023 and approach the holiday season I am reminded of all the blessings we have shared as our American Legion Family. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy to New Year to all.

Mugshot for Dick Ward
Dick Ward

The Fabulous 4th and the Fighting 5th Districts will host a Joint Mid-Winter Conference, Jan. 6, at St. Helena Catholic Church in Minneapolis. Plans are being made, agendas developed, and we are looking forward to dynamic speakers and a great time to gather.  Look for the details in the coming days.

My buddy checks have been very rewarding to converse and share time with some of our Legionnaires who have been neglected. Keep up the great work with your buddy checks. They are very much appreciated.

A big “thank you” goes out to all posts for invitations to participate in their monthly meetings. Viking Post 468 Commander Don Mix sponsored a wonderful dinner at the Knights of Columbus. Thanks, commander.

Attendance continues be up at our 5th District meetings. Informative speakers and an updated agenda have all contributed to making the gathering worth your while. Speakers are lining up, and we are pressing forward.

Membership Chairman Gary Martin tells me we are very close to the 75 percent renewal goal for the Pearl Harbor Rally. A special thank you to Martin and his membership team.  We may not be the 1st place district, but we are holding up our end.

Donations to my project, Every Third Saturday, are going well. Please consider a contribution to this veteran-focused organization. It supports our needy veterans every single day.

Wold-Chamberlain Post 99 hosts Post 435’s Omelet Breakfast on the second Sunday and Post 99 Pancake Breakfast on the 4th Sunday. Remember to support your local posts.

“To consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.”