4th District commander’s September report

By Teresa Ash

The 4th District is on fire. We are doing amazing things.

We had a great installation; all the new officers being installed was exciting. They brought their families to see the ceremony, and their families were so proud of them.

Mugshot for Teresa Ash
Teresa Ash

All of them are still working and three of them are still in the military, yet they chose to still be part of this great organization.

Department Vice Commander Lynne Nottage did an amazing job. The Department Auxiliary President Sharon Cross and Department Auxiliary Membership Chairwoman Jenny Nelson were both at the ceremony. They all made it a grand event.

We are doing something completely different for our next meeting. We will not be having a traditional 4th District meeting. We will be doing a traveling meeting.

The 4th District is holding its inaugural Meet your District and Department Family Leadership Tour. We will be taking a bus that will carry department and district family leaders (including Legion, Auxiliary, SAL and ALR) and going to the post homes around the district.

We are inviting posts, units, squadrons and chapters without a building to come to their nearest American Legion post that evening to meet the department and district leadership. The time spent on the bus traveling will have each family group talk about what and how they do what they do from the department to the local community.

If you are interested, come to a 4th District American Legion post on Wednesday, Sept. 13, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. We will see you there.