4th District commander’s October report

By Teresa Ash
The 4th District held a bus tour on Sept. 13.

All I can say is: “Wow!”

The 4th District had its first-ever District Bus Tour. We had all our 4th District leadership and were very privileged to have some department leaders, too. This was a great family experience.

Mugshot for Teresa Ash
Teresa Ash

We went to the four post homes and then during travel time each family group talked about their programs and how they help veterans, their families and communities.

I would like to thank North St. Paul American Legion Family, Arcade-Phalen American Legion Family, White Bear Lake American Legion Family and Rosetown American Legion Family. They really had a great showing at each location.

Each location’s members spoke about how they work as a family to support veterans, their families and communities. We had members from American Legion posts that did not have a building come to the closest post to be a part of this great event. I am truly honored and so very proud to be part of such a great district.

There are a lot of great things to come. Don’t forget to come to North St. Paul American Legion the second and fourth Monday of each month to sit with Gabe Keith and others in the Write Club, where you can meet others like you who like to write down their thoughts.

The next Ramsey County Council and 4th District meeting will be at North St. Paul American Legion Post 39 on Oct. 11. I look forward to seeing everyone there.