3rd District commander’s September report

By Rod Reifsteck

During the past two years being vice commander, my goal was to bring some substance of communication and lots of visits to help involvement because we are still recovering and struggling with the reinvigorating of our membership.

Rod Reifsteck

I am proud to announce District 3 has reached the Goose Egg percentage with congratulations to my vice commanders. We’ve had a couple of changes in my team already. We have added James Entinger as Area 2 vice commander. We appreciate his service and commitment.

One goal as I took on this commander role is to realize the importance of bringing all on board into a digital format. As of now 75 percent of the American Legion Posts nationwide are run by the Vietnam Era veterans.

In addition to my findings, 25 percent of the posts do not have strong WiFi to support computers. In some instances, they may have access but no computers. We have obligations to bring our posts to use the MyLegion website without losing our old membership.

This also gives our older veterans purpose and “skin in the game” as to their post involvement when they can use a digital and handwritten format. Very easily, one can observe, during the past two years, attendance at conferences and conventions is declining.

I appreciate the talent, availability and willingness that keeps us all working together. I was taught the can-do attitude in the Marine Corps, and I have every intention to keep it going.

Thundering Third, please show our strength and make every effort to attend the National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Aug. 25-31.

As always, thanks for your individual support of the American Legion.