3rd District commander’s October report

By Rod Reifsteck

From the Thundering Third, I would like to reiterate what a whirlwind of knowledge and a gathering of minds it was at the 104th American Legion Convention in Charlotte. Some brief highlights in which I should feel need to be noticed was seeing the Honor Guard Competition and seeing our ROTC cadets who were driven with precision and cadence.

Rod Reifsteck

The Service Awards, Patriot Awards and First Responders awards were exemplary of their actions. These were just a few highlights along with the National Commander Jim Troiola’s inspired speech and the most penetrating address was ret. Marine Sgt. Maj. Michael Barrett. He was the 17th sergeant major of the USMC and encouraged the audience to  get revved up by responding, “Hell, yes!” after each statement like a true drill instructor.

Also, one topic that he emphasized was “Be the One” and “Keep Focused” and making sure to keep its presence known. With his final message, the audience gave him a standing ovation given the severity of this issue.

Last but not least, I was intrigued by ret. Navy Cmdr. Frank Weisser. His two tours as a Blue Angels pilot and as a stunt pilot for the “Top Gun” sequel was an inspired military advertisement to join up.

As to the 3rd District I have to congratulate all the vice commanders, adjutant and membership chair by hitting the 50 percent mark as we strive towards the 100 percent goal, while still going forward looking for new ways to get more membership.

As I mentioned in my recent Commander’s Corner, one class of many that I attended was that all conflicts after the Vietnam War, and returning veterans with the symptoms of PTSD are into the digital gaming for release, which is different from the returning veterans of Vietnam. With that said, keep in mind some posts are changing from the bar scene to a gaming forum trying to get the new veteran families and their kids into the Legion making it a more family-oriented atmosphere.

It was great to see everyone at the Harvest Rally and Camporee and to share our membership success. Thanks for all your support. We were able to determine monies needed for my Commander’s Project and Legionville improvements.

As I write this, I am honored as your commander to attend the National Security/Foreign Relations Organizational Meeting at Camp Ripley. I appreciate the talent availability and willingness that all keeps us working together.