2nd District commander’s December 2023 report

By James Olson

Greetings, 2nd District!

Mugshot for James Olson
James Olson

As I write this, the 2nd District is sitting in 5th place in membership, but we are far ahead of the target dates for membership renewals. Get those memberships in! I will be contacting each post in the district with some tools that you can use to contact former members and hopefully gain a few memberships back. Commanders, adjutants and membership directors should watch their emails for this.

At the 2023 National Convention, a $5 dues increase was approved by the convention and department is talking about increasing dues by $3 for the 2025 membership year. It would be wise if all posts discuss raising their dues to meet these increases so they don’t have to eat the costs. The district will be sending out the form that will need to be filled out and sent in in order to raise post dues if your post decides to do so.

I really don’t like the idea of raising dues. Dues going up can result in membership going down. It’s a never-ending cycle. In a few years, we’ll be talking about another dues increase if membership decreases further. If we want dues to level out, we need to get more veterans into The American Legion and keep them in.