1st District commander’s January 2024 report

By Mark Maloney

Hello from the 1st District!

Mugshot for Mark Maloney
Mark Maloney

I have always believed that we are family and that we should work as a family. I have had conversations with the other leaders of the 1st District and Department of Minnesota family about this. We have a great team and agree that, if we work together, we can do great things.

According to the latest membership reports, we should be proud of our efforts. I realize that it is tough getting memberships, but I know that everyone is working hard on coming up with creative ways to bring in new members and get current members involved.

Also, recognize the members of your post so that we are not burning them out. Give them some support and volunteer to help as you can. Show them the appreciation that they deserve.

Let’s remember that we are the biggest veteran-focused volunteer family in the nation, and that our younger members are hearing and watching to see what we are doing and how we treat each other.

We are a democratic organization, and there is no rank among us. Each member is the equal of any other, and we need and want the active and thoughtful participation of all.